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""Consulting & Engineering" "


Estia provides detailed studies on the optimum turbine locations that maximize the energy yield and minimize the installation costs. We use scientifically approved methods to maximize the project’s financial viability.

Complex flow analysis

We use state-of-the art CFD flow modeling combined with in-house developed models and methods to accurately predict the wind properties in any site and reduce uncertainty. Our methods have proven accuracy based on results from operating wind farms and have been published in scientific conferences.

Site classification

Industry-standard methods and software are employed in order to assess candidate sites according to IEC 61400. We offer reliable all-aspect classification based on simulations combined with hub height measurements that increase certainty in the predictions.

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Energy yield

From initial design to long-term forecasting, Estia provides accurate calculation of the project’s energy yield and income to the investors. Our cross-checking with operational wind farms has proven the high trustworthiness of the results presented to our clients.

Uncertainty analysis

Detailed uncertainty analysis is conducted at any stage of the project planning in order to ensure the financing viability and reduce investing risks.

Final site design

During the project design we take into account every single factor that concerns the region, the applicable laws as well as the technical and financial optimization.



Access requirements

Experienced surveying and road engineers conduct detailed studies on the road access providing the optimum solutions. All the engineering work is conducted in parallel with the wind modeling and financial workgroups.

Grid connectivity

From the wind farm’s internal electrical grid, to the detailed electrical engineering studies for the high voltage grid and substation connections, our clients have a trusted partner that provides the most effective solution.



Due Diligence

Estia offers unbiased assessment of wind energy projects based on 10 years of experience in all the stages of their lifecycle. Our services can be used to audit the feasibility of studies and reports provided to the banks or the project’s investors. Full bankable reports are offered for every key element of the investment, including;

• Wind measurements

• Energy yield calculations

• Uncertainty and sensitivity analysis

• Project development and permits

• Construction management and operations

• Operation of the wind farm

• Opportunity and risk analysis