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""Biogas & Biomass " "

ESTIA provides all the services required for the development, planning, licensing and implementation of biomass and biogass thermal and/or power stations.


Energy potential measurements.

In any biogass plant it is essential to know the energy potential of the solid wastes. Gas potential tests (acc. to DIN 38414 S8) should be performed to reveal the methodology, which will be used, for the energy use of the organic wastes. ESTIA performs all the measurements needed to secure any future investment in the field.



licensing and engineering of biomass/biogas power stations.


Includes energy study, best available techniques, selection of equipment, as well as all the necessary engineering studies and all the required licenses according to the European legislation.



Implementation of biomass/biogas stations.


The collaboration with ESTIA before and during the implementation of a biomass/biogas thermal or/and power station ensures the investor for optimum selection of equipment, excellence in consultancy and construction, logistics and equipment as well as guarantees long-term maintenance contracts and profitable operation.


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