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""Wind Energy" "


ESTIA Consulting & Engineering S.A provides all the services required for the development, planning, licensing and implementation of wind power stations.

Wind Park Study.

ESTIA performs wind resources measurements, siting of wind turbines and wind park optimisation, selection of wind turbines, micrositing as well as all the engineering & managerial services needed for the construction of the wind park, such as road construction, grid connection etc.

ESTIA offers full range of wind services to wind park developers, land owners who want to develop wind parks on their sites, investors & banks.

ESTIA’s experience in wind simulation & CFD modeling together with ESTIA’s wind measurement laboratory and LIDAR + SODAR equipment, provides a full spectrum of capabilities to wind energy investors, wind park developers and wind park operators minimizing their development risk and optimizing their sites.

Wind Park Licensing.

ESTIA Consulting & Engineering S.A undertakes every stage of the licensing process of a wind park. Up to today ESTIA has licensed a large number of wind parks.

Wind Park Implementation.

The collaboration with ESTIA before and during the errection of a wind park ensures the investor for the optimal selection of the equipment, efficient maintenance contracts with the wind turbine manufacturers, smooth operation of the on site works, project execution according to international standards, project permitting according to legislation, and finally high quality of the result ensuring many years of smooth profitable and trouble free operation.

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