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""Laboratory for wind measurements" "

Estia Consulting & Engineering SA owns and operates an accredited according to ISO 17025:2005 wind measurement laboratory. The lab is fully equipped and performs wind energy measurements at sites across the world. The laboratory has successfully completed numerous measurement campaigns.


Installing & operating Wind Masts up to 125m height
& performing LIDAR & SODAR campaings

ESTIA's masts are used for

•Site resource assesments

•Performance check of operating wind parks

ESTIA's tubular & latice masts are built to measure at heights up to 125 m. They can be installed by our team at any site on demand. They are full compliant with IEC61400-2, Civil Aviation Authority safety regulations, offering 1st class wind data for wind resource assesments.

The laboratory is also equipped with LIDAR + SODAR systems for the measurement of the wind at the level of 200m or higher. Using this method, valuable data for the wind energy assessment can be collected.

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