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""Solar Thermal " "

ESTIA Consulting & Engineering S.A provides all the necessary services for the development, study, licensing and implementation of solar thermal power systems.


Solar irradiation measurements.


The on site measurements of solar irradiation are essential for the determination of energy yield of a thermal solar power plant. ESTIA’s laboratory performs high quality solar irradiation measurements to reveal all solar irradiation parameters at any location.


Detailed and licensing of solar thermal power plants.

Includes energy study, optimisation of energy performance, licensing, selection of equipment, as well as all the detailed engineering for the construction of the plant.




Implementation of Solar thermal power plants.

The collaboration with ESTIA before and during the implementation of a small and medium scale solar thermal power stations ensures the investor for the optimal selection of the equipment, efficient maintenance contracts with the equipment manufacturers, smooth operation of the on site works, project execution according to the international standards, licensing of all the project according to the legislation.