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""Construction Management & Operation" "


Tenders and contracts

Estia has been responsible for supervision, arrangements and negotiations for wind farm contracts and tenders. We offer the best solutions in time-demanding environment for our clients.

Bank’s/ owner’s engineers

We provide technical and on-site expertise and proven efficiency for the investors based on highly trained engineers.

Local site management

Estia’s engineers are experts in every aspect of wind energy project planning. Site-specific studies minimize the cost and the risk that investors are exposed to, while keeping the project’s specifications within the requested standards. Our on-site supervision by experts ensures trouble-free project realization.



We provide the investors with detailed necessary equipment reports and establish the time schedules. Effective monitoring of each project stage is conducted in order to minimize construction risks and avoid unforeseen costs.

Health and Safety

Our project engineers are always on-site ensuring a step-by-step compliance with all up-to- date international standards on health and safety in the working environment.



Project co-ordination

Our experience in the implementation of small and large projects is crucial for the flawless co-ordination of the many required works needed during a wind farm construction. Our goal is to keep up with the time schedules, minimize risk and conform to the required standards.

Quality control

Quality inspections provided by Estia in every project stage ensure conformity of all the works with the accepted international quality standards thus providing trouble-free wind farm operation.

Operation and maintance management

We offer reliable, cost-effective solutions for the operation and the maintenance management of wind farms. Our engineers have proven record of successful O&M campaigns for various scales of renewable energy projects.

Licensing / Permits

Estia has been responsible for the licensing stages of numerous wind farms. Our clients have benefited from our knowledge that provides them with all required documentation on time. We offer cost effective, risk-minimizing solutions in demanding time schedules that ensure the legal conformity of the project in all stages, including:

• Feasibility studies

• Electrical grid and infrastructure works planning and licensing

• Environmental impact reports

• Local authorities and communities permits

• Permitting from national authorities, agencies and boards.