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optipoly Optimum Integration of Polygeneration in the Food Industry dg_tren_logo

ESTIA is the coordinator of the on-going project. The objectives of the OPTIPOLYGEN Project are:

-To determine the potential of polygeneration based on fossil fuels and RES in the various sectors of the European Food industry.

-To boost the development of high efficiency polygeneration applications in the European food industry where low to medium temperatures are needed.

-To identify market gaps for polygeneration equipment where the development of European industry can give promising results in terms of market penetration and leadership.

-The development of a database of existing polygeneration applications in the food industry.

-The preparation of a European food industry survey regarding the potential for polygeneration applications in Europe together with RES uses.

-The preparation of a set of coherent information for polygeneration implementation in the food industry including technical, financial and investment guidelines.

-The preparation of a dedicated interactive web site giving information and initial calculation procedures for polygeneration feasibility assessments in the food industry.

-The preparation of training materials suitable for consultants and engineers active in the food industry.

-The dissemination of the project's results and information to interested stakeholders.


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