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connect coop COOP-CT-2006-031638

Design of Advanced Controllers for Economic, Robust and Safe Manufacturing Performance

The main objective of the CONNECT co-operative research project is to achieve a significant increase in the range of control problems to which advanced optimisation-based controllers can be reliably applied. This will be achieved through the investigation and development of an integrated set of advanced control algorithms and software/hardware tools for applications in a broad range of systems which exhibit significant operational difficulties and limitations (e.g. industrial systems requiring fast control actions, safety- critical applications as encountered in automotive control or in chemical reactor control, energy application, wire manufacturing requiring extremely tight product quality control etc.). The work in the proposed project includes research activities and novel RTD approaches for:

  • - the development of more efficient and fast MPC techniques utilising recent advances developed by the RTD performers in the area of parametric programming,
  • - the design of robust model-based controllers, for hybrid and continuous dynamic systems,
  • - the development of reduced order-models.

The remarkable feature of the CONNECT advanced controllers is that the control performance is identical to what would have been achieved with a full on-line optimization approach but without the computational burden and related software.

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