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joule JOE3-CT98-7024

Optimisation of industrial kilns by means of using low oxygen content flues-gases from industrial gas turbine cogeneration systems

This project produced an innovative approach of integrating the benefits of Cogeneration of Heat and Power -CHP- in ceramics and other related industries, where high temperature heat is needed for the operation of the kilns and the furnaces. A process has been developed, overcoming the problems related to the re-use of the low O2 content exhaust-gases generated from industrial gas turbine CHP sets -Turbine Exhaust Gases, TEG,- as an oxidiser for the firing of the material inside the kilns used in ceramics and related industries. To this end,

- Detailed engineering and equipment optimisation has been performed, using CFD and other tools
- An experimental rig has been designed and constructed
-The process has been designed and developed

Finally, the project results were implemented in the Ceramics industry (1.2 MWel N.G. powered CHP cycle) and a world patent has been granted to ESTIA.

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