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Consulting Services

Based on  ESTIA’s  significant  and diversified  experience  , we offer consulting services  related  with:

- regional  development towards  sustainability,

- strategies  to improve RES  penetration in the regional  energy mixture,

- strategies  to improve  energy efficiency  towards  economic  development  & sustainability,

- development of tools  for RES and local  resources  regional  planning  including  resource  mapping and  RES  potential  maps,

- planning of  grid development in  rural  areas

- advancement of CO2 neutral  actions to improve sustainability and economic development

- strategies  to minimize  activity  environmental  footprint  within local  and global-regional-  frame

- energy tariff  planning to  improve RES penetration,  energy savings,  environmental awareness and economic  development

- energy saving technologies evaluation, for direct application in building sector

- complete Energy , Water and Emissions Audits in secondary & tertiary sector

Consulting services  offered  by ESTIA are characterized  by their applicability and  their  focus  to the end result.